The themes are provided in 3 different packaging all following Microsoft guidelines:

For Classic Experience:

  • Farm Solution, folder for Farm environments
  • Sandbox Solution, for Sandbox environments.

For Modern Experience:

  • Modern Solution, Modern SharePoint.

After unzipping your Theme package, you will find three folders, a Farm Solution, Sandbox Solution and Modern Solution. Depending on the SharePoint configuration you may install all the packages.


Farm Solution (Classic SharePoint) 📁

── res 📁

└── Eula.rtf
└── yourthemename.SP2019.wsp
└── logo.png
└── start.png

── Install.yourthemenamePackage.ps1
── Setup.exe
── Setup.exe.config

Sandbox Solution (Classic SharePoint) 📁

── yourthemename.SP2019.wsp

Modern Solution (Modern SharePoint) 📁

── yourthemename.json
── yourthemename.spcolor
── yourthemename.spfx.sppkg
── Installer.ps1