Settings affecting the look and feel of the page.



Sets a custom Favicon for your site collection.

Not sure what a Favicon is?
Favicon is an icon that is picked up from the website to accompany the site name in the browser tabs and the Bookmarks/Favorites bar.


Sets a custom URL for your logo to link to. Leave empty if you don't want your logo to link anywhere.

Sets a custom link on the page title. Leave empty if you don't want to display said link.

Maximum logo width and height

Specifies the maximum width and/or maximum height for the logo image being applied.


Compact Styling

This will reduce the spacing between elements like the logo and navbar, paddings in the footer and header and possibly other elements. It works to increase the available content area.

Heading fonts

Apply theme heading typefaces to SPFx content and web parts.

Hides the native SharePoint search

Hide Page Title

Hides theme’s page title.

Allows you to hide the footer, increasing the available content area.

Hide Breadcrumb

Hide Breadcrumb from the SharePoint site.