1. Open your SharePoint Management Shell as an admin;
  2. On the console, go to the path where the Install.yourthemenamePackage.ps1 script is. It's usually C:/Downloads/"yourthemename".SP2019/FarmSolution;


  3. Now that you are inside the folder you can just insert the command .\Install.yourthemenamePackage.ps1. If the Execution Policy Change appears just accept it;

  4. At this point different options will appear. Choose Option 1 to install the theme and hit enter;
  5. Your theme is now being installed!

Once this is done you will see a success message letting you know everything went alright.

Check if the Theme was installed

Before moving on to activating the theme, let's confirm if the theme was successfully installed.


  1. Access your SharePoint Central Administration;
  2. Click on System Settings and open Manage Farm Solutions. You can also enter your Solutions Management with this path: http://[CENTRAL_ADMINISTRATION_URL]/_admin/Solutions.aspx

If the theme was successfully installed, the Status tab should have Deployed and Deployed to tab should have Globally Deployed.

Theme installed! ✅

Activate the theme

Final step is to activate the theme.

  1. Click on Settings ⚙️ and then Site settings;
  2. Under Site Actions, click on Manage Site Features;
  3. Select your theme and click on Activate.

Theme activated! ✅

Set the master page

The final step is to change your current master page to one of the theme's master page.

  1. Click on Settings ⚙️ and then Site settings;
  2. Under Look and Feel, click on Master page;


  3. Choose the master page you want to apply. Your theme's master pages starts by yourthemename;

    changethemasterpage_3 4. Click Ok.

Master Page set! ✅