After customizing and generating a theme you'll be prompted to download our Provisioning Engine Desktop App, that facilitates the deployment of the selected theme.

Download Theme files

To download the Provisioning Engine Desktop App:

  1. Access your BindTuning account and click the blue ribbon;


  2. Go to the My themes tab;

    • Mouse over your SharePoint 2019 theme and click on More Details;
    • Click on Provisioning Engine;


    • You'll be prompted to open the Provisioning Engine (if already installed) or to download it.

The Provisioning Engine should be installed on your server in order for the installation process to be successful.


  1. After opening the Provisioning Engine, you'll have to Login to your BindTuning account.


  2. Set the default SharePoint version from Office 365 to SharePoint;


    • Choose your SharePoint version;
    • Enter your server URL;
    • Enter your Email or user and respective Password.
  3. Navigate to the Install tab;

  4. Select the theme you intend to install and click on Review&Install;


  5. Review the products to be installed and click Install;

  6. Choose the target for the installation:

    • Classic SharePoint experience;
    • Modern SharePoint Online experience and, subsequently, if you want to deploy the product on your Tenant or specific Site Collection.


  7. Review the installation, click on Accept and proceed and click Install.

  8. The installation process will begin, immediately, and you'll be able to check its status, as well as to report any errors during the installation.

You're done! ✅